APB Threat System Is Unfair To New Players

That’s right people, APB threat system just received another respec or set of new functions… Now instead of having the old character threat system based on how good you play or hack, the game now uses an account wide threat system… So if your account is Gold… You are going to be Gold threat in all your characters no matter how high or low your rating is…

What is more interesting is that G1 now organizes the districts in a very strange way… We have green districts, copper districts… etc… Now if you are for example Silver… then you get into the Silver district and based on the G1 theory of fair play, you should have an interesting experience… Right????

Well it turns out that their new system is so friggin flawed as hell… The game let you enter a lower threat district but it penalize your money and standing gains per mission… So if i am gold and I get into a green district, I will get a 90% penalty…

There is only one problem with that approach… If I maxed out all my rankings and I dont care that much about money… Why in the hell should I care about the penalties if all I want is to get into the Green districts (NOOBS!!!) and grief the crap out of them….????

Now is easier to grief lowbies because you know where exactly they are getting cluttered lol! I am under the impression that the new threat system and district arrangement is going to be abused like no tomorrow by our favorite kind of players… Griefers…

I am wondering if one of this days G1 will realize that any kind of threat system is going to be problematic, after all this game is about who can be the biggest douche!!!! How can you get a fair gameplay if the people inside the game don’t want to be fair…???

Player’s Comments On New Threat System

Well if your peers would stop crying so much about stuff they wouldn’t feel so obligated to change stuff.. The only reason they go through doing stuff like this is because rampant QQ.. Of course you don’t like it, because you were probably not one of the ones crying about it.. But I am sure someone else is smiling now.. Companies try so hard to please everyone,but that is as impossible as everyone being at the top of a pyramid scheme.. Not possible.

You should get better and be able to kill Players with same ranking and threat as you. Whats the point of killing low threat players?Players gonna think bad about you. Gold Threat Level on Green Threat? Dont make me laugh

i was gold since i am 40R. after this patch there were only 1 gold instance and only 30 players in it. really boring. then evryone started to get low threat lvls. im still gold and now there arnt any gold instncs. its even hard to find a silver one. so i stopped playing till they remove that shit. evrytime you think they coulnd do it more badlier, they make a patch and say: “Ooooohh, sure we can, we´ll show you!”

They should just make it so players can only go into their respective threat color. So Golds have to be in gold and green with green and so and so on. Golds no longer grieffing anyone lower than their own threat color. Problem solved. No one ain’t happy with that, then what can anyone ever do? Think in the end I’d tell everyone to suck it up and deal with it. But I ain’t in a position where I can happily do that. lol.

Welcome to APB i was truthfully knowing it would become bad to worse. Quit it and find a better game worth your time and interest. I quit APB from G1 for several retarded reasons.